The Jimmy Roc Show - Los Angeles, CA

BeMyBand with Orianthi

Amazing production from Talenthouse along with the Weapons of Mass Entertainment team. I was fortunate enough to crash one of their rehearsals prior to their February 14th performance with Orianthi. 4 musicians from around the world who never met before. 4 days to rehearse. These dudes can really rip!

The night of the show featured a lot of Coronas and ended the following morning at the impound lot for a friend of mine who failed to read the restricted parking signs in West Hollywood. Seriously, valet is 7 bucks. Do it.

Learn all about this amazing opportunity right here.

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Me & My Homies – Leroy Brown and Mr. Bug

I was taking my friends here for a walk the other day and some fool says to us “Nice cats.” Cats? Oh, so you’re implying we’re some kind of pussies? We beat the shit out of the dude. Principles, man. Gotta stick to your principles. Don’t mess with my Shih-Tzus.

Get to know these dudes, they’ll be popping up all over the place once The Jimmy Roc Show goes live!